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St Margaret Mary's College has a long tradition being actively involved in Young Christian Students (YCS).  The Young Christian Students is an international Movement, present in over 80 countries, that empowers secondary school students to take action based on what they believe, in their student reality.

WE ARE RUN ENTIRELY BY SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS! YCS gives students the chance to be agents of change themselves. When we as students take ownership and responsibility for our Movement it allows us to develop the skills needed to lead an organisation as well as those needed to play an active leadership role in our community with other secondary school students.

We use the Joseph Cardijn inspired method, “SEE, JUDGE, ACT” which enables students to SEE what is happening in the world around us and analyse the facts. We then JUDGE this in light of our beliefs and the Gospel, and take ACTION to transform not only the world around us but ourselves.

We are organised in local groups, who collectively take action as a region. We have a National team which enables us to work together and a campaign for change across the country. We are currently campaigning for the more than ever relevant issue of Climate Justice.

For more information please visit YCS website CLICK HERE.

We invite you to join SMMC YCS today.


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