St Margaret Mary's


This service is available for all staff, students and their families. Appointments may be made during lesson times, or before and after school.

The Counsellors are available to discuss any issue, not just those relating to school. Students may make their own appointments, or may be referred by staff, family or friends.

This is a totally confidential service, which means that nothing said to one of the Counsellor’s is able to be disclosed without a formal ‘Release of Information’ from the student concerned. Exception will be made in the case of a person threatening harm to self or others, or if the student is in danger of being harmed either at school or at home.

The Counsellors work closely with staff in the development and delivering of student and parent programmes in the areas of:

  • Adolescent development
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness
  • Internet Safety and Anti-Bullying Procedures


Kathy Park

1-9 Crowle Street,
Hyde Park, QLD 4812

(07) 4726 4900

(07) 4726 4989