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The Positive Education website for St Margaret Mary’s College is now live! I created this website using HTML, CSS and JAVAscript coding languages during the first Unit of Year 10 Digital Technologies. It is so exciting that the website is now accessible to the College community so everyone can learn about Positive Education.

This experience was challenging as I had to dedicate much time and effort into coding the website, and attend several meetings with my clients Ms Kotzas (Assistant Principal Pastoral) and Mrs Park (College Principal). However, it has been very rewarding as I have gained more knowledge about writing code for websites, increased my understanding of time management, sharpened my problem solving skills, and created an engaging website for the SMMC community.

Positive Education is extremely important as it promotes people identifying and experiencing positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishments. It also promotes the flourishing of we students, as young women of spirit and purpose. I encourage you all to explore this website, as well as the benefits of Positive Education.

Ciel Elliott, St Margaret Mary’s College student
Year 11, 2019


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