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RowingRowing is a challenging sport suitable for ages from around 13 to over 70 year olds. At St Margaret Mary's College, we run the program from Year 7 to Year 12 so as to fit in with the Rowing Queensland and local competition availability. Rowing is one of those unique sports where an athlete can challenge themselves individually in a single scull or in a team environment as a crew member of boats such as a quad scull or a rowing eight amongst others. The bigger crewed boats allow the opportunity for some girls to take up the role of coxing. The cox not only steers the boat and assists the coach, she also motivates the crew and implements the race plan during competition.

As the sport requires both explosive power and race endurance combined with accurate technique skills, especially In racing, we need to train a minimum of three water sessions a week with this increasing closer towards seasons end.

Senior girls (Yrs 10-12) row in the mornings before school while the Years 7 and 9's row after school. The whole squad also row together starting later on Sunday morning & until midday.

The School Bus transports the girls to and from the Rowing Club at Riverside Gardens for the weekday sessions. It is expected that all girls maintain a satisfactory fitness level.

At St Margaret Mary's College, we own our own fleet of racing boats with additional needs drawn from the resources of the Townsville and JCU Rowing Club of which all our rowers are financial members.  Our coaching staff are qualified and registered under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).
Admin support is generously provided by the College.

The Friends of Rowing parent support group assist with fund raising to help with boat maintenance costs,  equipment & boat purchase , travel for competition, running the St Margaret Mary's College hosted regatta,  just to mention a few.

Higher level competition for some girls will require travel to away regattas such as the State Championships and perhaps the National Championships held in March each year.


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