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BYOD Portal

For further information about BYOD at SMMC please CLICK HERE for our contract and specifications.

Please CLICK HERE for our BYOD Portal.

Site Username:  SMMCBYOD

Site Password:   BYOD2018

Students and Parents can access great deals from BYOD Portal. 

Benefits of Portal:

  • Local Supplier;
  • Cheaper prices - buy in bulk;
  • Guaranteed to cover minimum specifications required;
  • All software installed ‘ready to go’ (Eg. Antivirus, LANschool);
  • One stop shop - accessories (bags, mouse etc);
  • All devices come with a 3 year warranty;
  • Most minor repairs are next Business Day, and completed here in Townsville (no need to send away);
  • Other ‘add-ons’ such as Warranty packages, Insurance, Accidental Damage Protection and Finance Options


Kathy Park

1-9 Crowle Street,
Hyde Park, QLD 4812

(07) 4726 4900

(07) 4726 4989