St Margaret Mary's

Work Experience Year 10

2018 WORK EXPERIENCE - June 25 - 29

Year 10 is an important year for decision making and includes much preparation for the girls’ senior phase of learning. This includes completing a Career Unit, attending Career Expos, and participating in two Career Days. In addition to this, in 2018 students in Year 10 will participate in a compulsory Work Experience Program during the week commencing 25 June to enable the students to experience the world of work and to assist them in with their career decision making.  This provides an opportunity to observe a workplace pathway they are interested in.  Your daughter may choose to trial the work environment that she may be considering studying at university eg. Physiotherapy or Education or trial a Vocational Education pathway e.g. Hairdressing or Hospitality. 

 Finding an appropriate experience will primarily be the responsibility of the student and will give them practical experience in seeking employment. However, assistance will be provided by the school if the student is experiencing difficulty in finding a suitable placement.  Students wishing to participate in Work Experience at the Townsville City Council should speak to the Career Co-ordinator to seek instructions as to how to proceed with applying to this organisation.

 As the written agreements and associated paperwork take considerable time to complete, students should take note that they should inform the school of their placement details by the end of the first term.   The student is completely covered by insurance whilst they are in the workplace. More information on the procedure for this will be sent home early next year.


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