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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

St Margaret Mary’s College is a Catholic learning community where young women are educated, inspired and inspirited. 

True to the story of the Good Samaritan, we are people of hope, who live compassionately and justly.

We respond to the call from Jesus to be a neighbour to all. 
“Who is my neighbour? The one who showed mercy. 
Go and do likewise.”
(Lk 10:36-37)

Christus Veritas

To live as a Good Neighbour

At the heart of who we are is to respond to the call from Jesus to be a neighbour to all. To offer:

  • Welcome - OPEN doors and hearts
  • Service - SHARE our gifts & resources
  • Love - ACT kindly
  • Mercy - SEEK peace, forgiveness and be forgiving
  • Respect - SEE all as equal
  • Relationships - BUILD connection with God, self, others and all creation in our learning community