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Work Experience - Year 10

Work Experience - Year 10

Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 is an important year for decision making and includes much preparation for the students’ senior phase of learning.

This includes completing the Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways, attending Career Expos and developing their SET Plans (Student Education and Training). In addition to this, students in Year 10 will participate in a compulsory Work Experience Program to enable the students to experience the world of work and to assist them in with their career decision making. This provides an opportunity to observe a workplace pathway they are interested in. Work experience contributes to one unit of competency from the Certificate II.

Students may choose to trial the work environment that she may be considering studying at university e.g. Physiotherapy or Education or trial a Vocational Education pathway e.g. Hairdressing or Hospitality. 

Finding an appropriate experience will primarily be the responsibility of the student and will give them practical experience in seeking employment. However, assistance will be provided by the school if the student is experiencing difficulty in finding a suitable placement. Students wishing to participate in Work Experience at the Townsville City Council should speak to the Career Co-ordinator to seek instructions as to how to proceed with applying to this organisation.

The student is covered by insurance whilst they are in the workplace. More information on the procedure for this will be sent home early in the year.

Year 10 programs include:

Year 10 Student Program - All Year 10 students will participate in the school work experience program in a business of their choice. Students are required to complete a Work Experience Request Form and hand it in to the Career Co-ordinator.

High School Health Care Careers Program at the Townsville Hospital - This program allows the opportunity for students interested in Medicine, Nursing or Allied Health Careers to gain practical experience and knowledge to develop their understanding of the broad range of health industry professions offered at the Townsville Hospital & Health Service. Students will be provided with an overview of all clinical careers and may choose one of three professional workforces to focus on. The day includes a guided tour, and a variety of experiences including simulated clinical practices. To apply for this day which is run four times per year see your Career Coordinator, Mrs Milani.

Defence Career Days - The Army and RAAF base run one day career visits several times per year. Information is emailed to students prior to each visit and an application is required to be completed by the student. Students must be 15 years old.

Activities include:

  • Briefing on safety, security, expectations, RAAF or ARMY Townsville units 
  • Visit a number of units on base, allowing students to see, handle and/or learn about a range of Air Force/Army equipment, vehicles, aircraft etc (units may include MEOMS workshop, Air Movements Section, 38 Squadron, 5th Aviation Regiment (Army), Air Traffic Control, Military Working Dogs, Combat Survival Training School - units may vary slightly each visit)
  • Focus on the range of career opportunities that are available in the RAAF/ARMY
  • Lunch at the Mess (cost payable upon entry to the mess)
  • Participation in a Physical Training Activity
  • Discussions and Q&A with staff at the RAAF/ARMYBase
  • Information session by Defence Force Recruiting