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BYOD/Take Home Device Programs

BYOD/Take Home Device Programs

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Take Home Device programs at St Margaret Mary’s College are designed to equip students with the educational resources they need to participate fully in their education at the College.

Students are able to have a smooth transition between home and school and can make full use of their device in class, in the library at lunch time, at tutorials and of course, at home. Both programs are managed by the College's IT Department. If you have any questions regarding the BYOD or Take Home Device program, please call Techbay via the College Office.


The College operates a Take Home Device Program for all Year 7 to 9 students. Students are provided with a laptop for use at home and school. All students must take their laptop home to charge each night, as chargers are not permitted in the classrooms for safety reasons. Students and parents are to sign the Contract for Student Use of ICT Resources, which is in the student’s Learning Journal.

BYOD PROGRAM (Year 10-12)

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program operates for all Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students at the College. The BYOD Program aims to enhance the student learning outcomes of its students. There is an expectation that the use of a personal device at school, will be learning centred and parents and students sign a contract to participate in the program. We encourage parents and students to purchase their device through the College Portal, but this is not compulsory. All devices must meet the minimum specifications as outlined in the BYOD Contract. If a student in Years 10, Year 11 and Year 12 forgets her device, she may be able to loan a laptop from Techbay for the day (located in the Library). For more information about BYOD at St Margaret Mary’s College, please call Techbay.


Please CLICK HERE for our BYOD Portal.

Site Username: SMMCBYOD

Site Password: 2021

Students and Parents can access great deals from BYOD Portal. 

Benefits of Portal:

  • Local Supplier
  • Cheaper prices - buy in bulk
  • Guaranteed to cover minimum specifications required
  • One stop shop - accessories (bags, mouse etc)
  • All devices come with a 3 year warranty;
  • Most minor repairs are next Business Day, and completed here in Townsville (no need to send away)
  • Other ‘add-ons’ such as Warranty packages, Insurance, Accidental Damage Protection and Finance Options