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Why St Margaret Mary's College

Why St Margaret Mary's College

Academic. Culture. Service. Sport.

When you educate young women in a welcoming environment, you give them the best opportunity to succeed in whichever path they choose. This is at the core of the St Margaret Mary's College experience.

St Margaret Mary's College has established a reputation for success. From consistently high academic results to sporting accolades at regional, state and national level, and cultural achievements in debating and the arts, our school's successes are those of each and every student. We use every opportunity to support our students in developing a growth mindset, to help them thrive during their years at St Margaret Mary's College and long after.

Why choose an all girls school? 

When it comes to supporting young women to succeed, an all girls environment provides an undeniable edge. Every position in leadership, on sporting teams and in the arts in an all-girls school is given to girls. Research suggests girls’ schools provide a nurturing environment, with lower risk of bullying and higher rates of participation in sport. Girls are encouraged to be involved in leadership, competition and risk-taking, preparing them for careers. At St Margaret Mary’s College, our goal is to give every student the best opportunity to succeed — academically, culturally, through service and in sport.

All girls school offer more opportunities to succeed

  • All girls schools empower students to excel academically
  • All girls schools are inspirational learning environments
  • All girls schools’ students are more likely to aspire to graduate and postgraduate study
  • All girls schools’ students are more likely to study and do well in STEM subjects
  • All girls schools provide more opportunity for achievement and representation
  • All girls schools offer single-sex PE classes and activities
  • All girls schools lay foundations of leadership
  • All girls schools encourage competition and risk-taking
  • All girls schools remove gender stereotypes, sexism and sexual harassment

  • All girls schools students are less self-conscious, more confident and less likely to suffer body image pressures or be bullied

  • All girls schools encourage risk-taking

For the latest research on all girls education, we recommend following the Alliance of Girls Schools Australia.

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