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Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Community outreach is a focus of the educational experience for students at St Margaret Mary’s College. 

Every class is encouraged to take on a project which would promote a sense of community responsibility. The activities vary from year to year: Birthing Kits for the Australian Birthing Kit Foundation with ZONTA Metro Townsville, supporting Cancer Council’s fundraising, organising Mother's Day care packs for women at Ronald McDonald House and organising lunchtime activities for students in a particular year level.

Throughout the year, fund-raising at the College centres around four main charities: Project Compassion, Diocesan Appeal, Catholic Mission and St Vincent de Paul Society. 

St Margaret Mary’s College has had an active involvement in the work of The Society since 1995 and over the years, many students have generously given their time and energy to providing assistance to people in need. Building on the spirit and student participation in Mini Vinnies in Primary school, our own Teen Vinnies conference has provided an opportunity for students to give back to the community.

Involvement in our College Vinnies group has benefits not only for the community but also for the students as they learn more about living the values of commitment, selfless giving, co-operation and patience. Some fund-raising activities, visits to a local nursing home and, for senior students, assistance at Edmund Rice Camps provides our girls with a taste of Vincentian work. Students are able to maintain their involvement because their parents and guardians encourage and support them in their work with the Society.

St Margaret Mary’s College has had an active YCS group (Young Christian Students) since 2008. This is an international movement run for and by secondary school students, who meet regularly to reflect on their everyday experiences and look at how their faith calls them to act to change the world. This uses a method called the Review of Life (See, Judge, Act).

  • SEE: students examine a situation that is happening in their life
  • JUDGE: students reflect on what their faith tells them should be happening in this situation
  • ACT: students work out how they would like to change the situation and plan an action to achieve this

As members in SMMC YCS, students learn everyday life skills that remain with them for the rest of their life. These include leadership skills as they are the ones who run the group, public speaking, ability to communicate with adults, how to take action on issues in their life and most importantly, make friends.