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Student leadership

Student leadership

College Captains - 2022

Amy Fowler and Thalia Clarke

Senior House Leaders - 2022
ALINTA Eadie Baxter and Madison Turner
ANUNAKA Ruby Bartels and Lily Twiname
KARINYA Shanae Napier and Olivia Babao
KIATA Emma Nieberding and Abigail Barr

Senior Service Group Leaders - 2022
COMMUNITY FAITH AND SPIRIT Angele Katende and Matise Elliott
SPORTS Tara Pickering and Claire McCann
THE ARTS Tahlia Brice (Dance), Phoebe Cussen (Music), Miranda MacDonald (Dance), Belinda McDonald (Art)
HEALTH AND WELLBEING Charlotte Vernon and Emogen Hayes
ENVIRONMENT Phoebe Ford and Noor Shareef
FIRST NATIONS AWARENESS Teesha Edwards, Summer Walters, Anjelika Waters
TECHNOLOGY Jessica Blanchard and Sommer Hillery
Junior House Leaders - 2022
ALINTA Evoltia Tuala and Georgia Allen
ANUNAKA Keely Munro and Chloe Kendall
KARINYA Angelina Parliaros and Lucia Leonardi
KIATA Chelsea O'Neill and Ariana Smith
Junior Service Group Leaders - 2022
COMMUNITY FAITH AND SPIRIT Emily Jarvis, Sienna Cottone, Ann Jomon
SPORTS Cooper Sale and Olivia Fletcher
THE ARTS Ruby Nguyen and Mischa Williamson
HEALTH AND WELLBEING Lily Quinlan and Gabrielle Morgan
ENVIRONMENT Montana Lemmon and Amber Lucas
FIRST NATIONS AWARENESS Dakota Namok and Zofia Laterre
TECHNOLOGY Amelie Sproles and Jenna Bruce

Student Representative Council

The SMMC Student Council is a representative group which uses the student voice to act for, and work towards ongoing school improvement.  The Student Representative Council speaks for the educational, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the students of St Margaret Mary’s College.

The Student Representative Council consists of a Teacher Mentor, College Captains, Senior and Junior Indigenous Leaders, Senior and Junior Community Faith and Spirit Leaders, and one representative from each year level.

Role of students on the Student Representative Council:

The Student Representative Council liaises with the student body around issues that promote school improvement, and meets regularly each term to discuss these matters. Year Level representatives will also meet with Class Captains from their Year Level to canvass ideas for consideration and action. All council representatives support school events when required, such as taking a lead role in the Feast Day promotion and Fashion Parade, and provide reports or reflections Year Level Assemblies. The aim is to provide positive, effective and solutions-based communication between students, teachers, staff and the College community.

Selection process:

At the start of each year, students who wish to be involved in the council can self-nominate. The list of nominees is then shortlisted, and each Year Level votes for their representative. Year 7 teachers vote for the Year 7 representative. The Student Representative Council is then announced at a whole college assembly.