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This service is available for all staff, students and their families. Appointments may be made during lesson times, or before and after school.

The wellbeing of students is recognised by SMMC as imperative in order for students to perform to their best ability and to succeed in the path of their choosing. SMMC fosters a culture of physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing through learning and the support services available at the college. Pastoral Middle Leaders are available on a daily basis to support students to manage mild/moderate levels of distress; Guidance Counsellors are also available to support students to deal with more complex and challenging emotional issues.

The role of Guidance Counsellors at SMMC is to provide brief intervention to assist students with a range of challenges such as: transitioning into high school, anxiety and friendship issues. Guidance Counsellors also facilitate a variety of mental health group programs to more broadly support students who are experiencing similar challenges.

To make an appointment with a Guidance Counsellor, students can self-refer through the Student Portal or alternatively present at the Health Hub and request an appointment.

Support provided by Guidance Counsellors is not a replacement for psychological therapies and students requiring more intensive support should be referred to a private practicing psychologist or alternatively to one of the many publicly available services (see information below).

Conversations with the Guidance Counsellors are typically confidential, however there are circumstances in which matters cannot be kept confidential (e.g. student safety/self-harm/child abuse or neglect) and in those cases information may need to be provided to a Parent/School Principal/Child Safety. At the time of initial appointment, students will be informed of the limits to confidentiality.

Prior to making a referral, please note the following: