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MusicMusic is a very important part of life and the curriculum at St Margaret Mary’s College, contributing to the culture of the school in a very positive way.

Music encourages participation, listening and performance in a variety of musical activities.

Music is offered as a classroom subject to all year levels. In Year 7, all students participate in classroom music. In later years, Music is an elective subject. In Year 12, students who undertake Senior Music may also take a second subject, Music Extension.

Here in the College, we believe

  • that music is for everyone and that everyone can learn
  • that different students learn in different ways
  • that the study and practise of Music  is beneficial in teaching students Christian values and life skills

In the classroom, students study a cumulative developmental course that covers a very broad range of musical eras and genres. Students are taught to compose music, to perform both individually and in ensemble, to develop their musicianship and aural skills and to use music technology.

Private tuition is offered in Piano and Classical Guitar with other instruments included if demand requires.  Our music ensembles offer extra-curricular participation and the opportunity for further musical development.  Currently we have ensembles for Classical Guitar (for advanced classical guitarists), Strings and Woodwind (beginner ensembles) and Rock Band for our senior students.  Other mixed ensembles are arranged throughout the year and can compete in our 'Battle of the Bands' competition and at our performance events.  Our wonderful choir, 'Bella Voce' has been serving the school, parish and local community for over 20 years with performances at many events.

The music curriculum gives students many opportunities to grow in knowledge and understanding through experiencing music. It is an active and engaging practical subject with theoretical understanding growing out of practical experience.

St Margaret Mary’s College uses the study of Music to facilitate personal, social and spiritual development. Music students are encouraged, through the pursuit of excellence, to achieve their potential by using self-discipline. Students are also encouraged to use their talents for the benefit of others, through community performances and charity fund-raisers.  Music is used as a vehicle to establish and develop friendships and support for one another. This is particularly true of our ensembles.


Ensembles and Bella Voce Choir

The school offers a variety of music ensembles to foster broad musical experience, musicianship and teamwork. We are committed to contributing to a Christian community in which creativity and the involvement of all are valued. While a certain degree of proficiency is required for instrumental ensembles, all students prepared to give the commitment of their time are welcomed into our choir.

  • Bella Voce Choir - We invite you to join SMMC Bella Voce Choir today.  Rehearsals are Tuesday and Thursday at 8am in theatre (during term).  
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • String Ensemble
  • Woodwind Ensemble - Rehearsals Wednesday
  • Rock Band - (By audition - usually Senior Students)

Private Music Tuition

Private music tuition is currently offered in Piano and Classical Guitar.


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